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LP 160 Cyclops Montable

LP 160 Cyclops Montable
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LP Cyclops Tambourine

Most ergonomically designed, comfortable, and durable tambourine ever produced
Unique patented shape has been designed especially for natural arm and wrist motions to offer greater playing ease in all situations
Available in hand held or mountable models; the rounded edges provide extra durability for drumstick hits
Last up to five times longer than other tambourines
Nickel-plated steel alloy jingles produce a bright sound that projects; brass jingles deliver a distinctively warm, yet cutting sound
Model with dimpled brass jingles produces a distinct, crisp sound
Patented jingle pinning system keeps the jingles in place
Mountable models use LP’s forged eye-bolt assembly for secure placement on 3/8" diameter rods or hi-hat stand pull rods