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Cerwin Vega CVA115X

Cerwin Vega CVA115X
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Cerwin Vega CVA115X Activer 15" Subwoofer 700 Watt RMS/1400 Watt Peak
True to Cerwin-Vega quality and performance, the CVA-115 is a compact 15-inch active subwoofer with tremendous power output and exceptional low-frequency response. The CVA-115 features built-in amplification for a fully integrated solution with a dominating 700-watt of continuous output and 1400-watts of peak power. A unique and striking cast aluminum grille doubles as a heat sink to minimize power compression while optimizing driver performance-talk about style and function. The CVA-115 is constructed of hardwood with a Coolex® polyurethane paint. This high-performance active sub features XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors and Master/Slave output connectors for daisy-chaining multiple CVA subwoofers. The CVA-115's 4-position high-pass filter controls low-frequencies in top speaker cabinets and its completely variable low-pass filter provides detailed and accurate control of sub frequencies. What this all means to you is that you can completely control your sound no matter whether you're using top cabinets from Cerwin-Vega or from another manufacturer. A top-mounted 35mm pole socket accommodates a satellite speaker for full-range performance and with a footprint of a 12-inch sub; the CVA-115 is easily portable. Enough said?
SpecificationsCustom 15" Cerwin-Vega WooferMore Bass in Less Space (15” driver in 12” cabinet footprint)Built-in System Amplification (700 W RMS / 1400 W Peak)4-Position High-Pass FilterSweepable Low-Pass FilterScalable with Multiple Subs Using Master/ Slave OutputCast Aluminum GrilleSolid 18mm Hardwood Enclosure with Paint or Carpet Finish*Top-mount 35 mm Pole Socket (for single pole / dual antler^)Polarity Switch (0 – 180 degree)Performance Data:Frequency Response: 41 Hz - 135 Hz (±3 dB)Peak Power Handling: 1400 wattsProgram Power Handling: 700 watts Frequency Range: 39 Hz - 135 Hz (-10 dB)Max SPL: 130 dB Crossover:
LPF: Continuously Variable from 65 Hz to 130 Hz
HPF: Selectable Output 65Hz, 85Hz 130Hz or Bypass Driver: model, SW18C, size 18"15" Woofer with 3 " Voice CoilHigh Quality Coolex® Paint for DurabilityInput Connectors: XLR/F Balanced 1/4" TRSOutput Connectors: XLR/M 1/4" TRS
92 lbs.
Dimensions (HxWxD)
21 " x 18 " x 21"
53.3 cm x 45.7 x 53.3 cm