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Mipro ACT 52 Doppelempfänger

Mipro ACT 52 Doppelempfänger
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Mipro ACT 52 Doppelempfänger UHF Receiver
ACT-52 UHF Dual Channel Diversity Receiver Single & Dual Channels 1/2-rack design.

Up to 8 preset compatible systems per band.

Industry’s only color VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display) delivers a very bright light with exceptionally clear contrast for clear viewing in day/night environments.

Industry’s only interference indicator.

Features MIPRO’s patented and now, industry standard “AutoScan” and ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) channel setup technology.

Diversity technology for optimum reception.

Dual-squelch "PiloTone & NoiseLock" circuits minimize interference.

Proprietary high performance RF filter and circuitry improve anti-interference characteristics and increased compatible systems.

Displays all pertinent parameters on the same screen for easy control and monitoring.

Transmitter battery status meter.

RF & audio meters.

XLR & 1/4” audio outputs.

Rugged metal construction.

100% design and made in Taiwan ensures high product quality and value.