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VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo

VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo
VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo
VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo
VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo
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VOX TB35 C1 Tony Bruno Signature Combo 35 Watt 1x12" Röhren-Combo
In collaboration with legendary American boutique amp designer Tony Bruno, VOX has taken a trip into new tonal territory with the TB35C1 & TB35C2 guitar amplifiers, featuring an all-tube, Tony Bruno design.

Amplifier highlights:

Circuit designed by boutique amplifier builder Tony Bruno.
Vintage American tube voicing
All-tube design
Tube reverb
High quality spring reverb tank
Macho mode with footswitch control
Bass Boost
Master Volume bypass switch
Birch-ply cabinet construction
Celestion G12-65 speaker(s)
Custom made premium transformers
12AX7/ECC83 (x 3) preamp tubes
12AT7 (x 1) + 12AX7 (x 1) reverb tubes
6V6 (x 4) power tubes
Footswitch included
High-quality dust cover includes
About Tony Bruno:
Tony Bruno is a highly respected and sought after boutique amp designer from the USA. Throughout his esteemed career, Tony has hand-built over 1000 amplifiers, some of which are regarded as among the finest sounding amplifiers in the world. And Tony Bruno is no stranger to VOX. A Long-time friend of VOX R&D, Tony’s unparalleled knowledge of boutique amplifier design has been called upon many times by VOX, on projects including the 1990s era 6-input Hand-Wired AC30, the VOX Night Train and the Custom Series amplifiers TB35C1 Specification


Volume (preamp)
Master volume
Bass Boost
Macho Mode (footswitchable)
Master Volume Bypass
Tube Complement:

12AX7 (x3) Preamp
12AT7 + 12AX7 Tube Reverb
6V6 (x 4) Power Tubes

Guitar Input High and Low
External speaker out
Extension speaker out
Footswitch input
Output Power:

35Watts RMS
Cabinet Construction:

Birch Ply

1 x 12” 16 ? Celestion G12-65 (TB35C1)

Dimensions (W x D x H):

600 x 260 x 565mm / 23.62"x 10.24" x 22.24" (TB35C1)

28.8kg/ 63.49 lbs. (TB35C1)

Footswitch (VFS-1)
Dust cover
Power cable