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Laboga Beast Combo Black Tolex VORFÜHRMODELL

Laboga Beast Combo Black Tolex VORFÜHRMODELL
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Laboga Beast Combo Black Tolex VORFÜHRMODELL All Tube 15 Watt Guitar Combo
The Beast amplifier is an all tube design compressed in a very lightweight and small box. It's designed for people who love pure tube tone and for people who are bored with carrying heavyweight tube "monsters". An experienced musician, as well as a beginner, will definitely appreciate a few unique features, which makes The Beast so much versatile, so it can be used in the studio, on stage and also at home using headphones.

Power capacity (15W) together with the speaker cabinet gives surprisingly loud signal (in comparison: 50W amp gives only 5,3dB more), therefore the output power switching was used lowering the power to 8W. The output tubes EL84 produces a nice, warm, classic tone together with very good reliability. The amplifier is equipped with Celestion Seventy80 speaker, which has a lot of headroom with its 80W power capacity. This helps the amp to produce distinct and clear powerful sound.

Headphones output, as well as balanced line output are equipped with a speaker emulation, which tone was carefully tuned in various tests. The signal for the emulation is taken directly from the speaker output (after the output transformer), so the influence of power tubes in the overall tone is then well heard also in line and headphones outputs. They are always active independently, so using line out doesn't affect the headphones The Speaker On/Off (on the back panel) switches the internal fake load in place of speakers, but the speaker emulation is still active, so it's possible to play at home using just headphones and enjoying tube sound. The XLR line output is not only balanced, but fully separated from the internal circuit with additional transformer (Di-Box), which prevents any hum to develop.

The clean channel tone is controlled by a one knob called "character". Though it does not just simply cut high frequencies, like in most cases, but it's a complete 3-point tone stack reduced to a single knob. Therefore, it's possible to get many various tone types in different setting of the knob. The drive channel has a standard 2 point EQ: Bass and Treble.

Volume and gain are controlled separately for both channels by Volume (clean) and Gain (drive). Additionally the overall volume is set with Master Volume. Channel switch sits on the front panel while the footswitch socket is on the back panel.


output power: 15W / 8W (switched) using 2 x EL84,
80W speaker Celestion Seventy80 ,
all tube preamplifier using 2 x 12AX7,
two channels - clean and drive (high gain),
headphones output with speaker emulation,
built-in Di-Box with speaker emulation - balanced line out XLR,
silent recording (built-in fake speaker load),
separate tone control for both channels,
master volume, clean channel - volume, drive channel- gain and volume,
relays channel switching,
channel footswitch socket,
speaker output: 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm,
dimensions (width x depth x height): 460 x 235 x 440 mm,
weight: 15,5 kg.