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GK Gallien Krueger MB 112 II Microbass

GK Gallien Krueger MB 112 II Microbass
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GK Gallien Krueger MB 112 II Microbass 1x12" 200W Basscombo

200W digital-Endstufe
1/8" -Aux-Eingang
12 "Lautsprecher
Aktiv 4-Band EQ mit Kontur Regler
17.5x15.5x14.75 The new MB Series II combos also feature durable yet lightweight plywood construction and grill cloth. And each amp is equipped with a top mounted and recessed strap handle that’s positioned perfectly for good balance and effortless transportation.

Model Differences:

Each MB combo features a different speaker size, and that’s the key to decoding their model numbers and differences; the MB410 II, has four 10” Paragon speakers, MB210 II has two 10 inch Paragon speakers, the MB212 II has two 12 inch Paragon speakers, and the MB115 II has one 15 inch Paragon speaker, the MB112 II has a single 12“ speaker and the newest combo, the MB110 has a single 10” speaker. The MB210 II and MB212 II speakers feature lightweight neodymium magnets, while the MB115 II’s high sensitivity 15 has a ceramic magnet. Which one Is for you? The MB115 II is surprisingly loud for a single 15” combo. It’s high sensitivity Paragon speaker sounds exceptionally smooth, direct and evenly balanced. From top to bottom, every note sounds plump and juicy, yet clearly focused. Oozing with old school goodness, the MB115 II can recreate the magic of Motown’s golden era with a flat wound strung Fender Precision Bass, swing some cool jazz with an upright, as well as kick up some rowdy country and get real nasty with some down home blues. The MB210 II’s low frequency response is surprisingly deep and strong; it’s great for punchy finger style playing or funky slapping. It’s thick low end depth enhances the girth, body and dynamic bump of a Fender Jazz Bass’s soloed bridge pickup. Turn both pickups on, and it transforms into a wicked slap machine. The MB210 II can’t approach the maximum volume levels of the MB212 II, but you can increase its maximum volume level by adding an extension speaker (the MB210 II is the only member of the new MB series that’s equipped with an extension speaker jack). The MB212 II has a more modern voice, and it excels with contemporary 5 string basses. Teamed with a Music Man StingRay bass, the sound is tight, clear and assertive, and the two 12’s combine to create a complex and layered texture that enhances the bass’s aggressive edge and bite. Paired with a Warwick Corvette, the amp’s nimble dynamic response and complex texture enhances pick style attack nuances and midrange growl. Loud and proud, the MB212 II rocks. GK’s new MB series II combos offer gig worthy power and tone in a surprisingly lightweight and exceptionally high value package. There’s one to suit just about every playing style and situation.