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Gonbops Cajon Mixto 2in1

Gonbops Cajon Mixto 2in1
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Gonbops Cajon Mixto 2in1 Cajon
Gon Bops Mixto ist die bemerkenswerte Cajon mit zwei spielbaren Panels. Seinen einzigartigen seitlich Sound-Port-Design ermöglicht Performer entweder die Vorder-,die Rückseite oder beide zu spielen.

Blending the Flamenco tradition of Spain with the authentic Folk tradition of Peru, Gon Bops has created a remarkable Cajon that boasts two playable panels. Its unique sideways sound port design allows performers to play either the front or back panel...or both. In addition, the Flamenco side provides guitar string wires while the traditional side does not, for maximum versatility in tone. For bigger, tighter bass response, the traditional side features a partially sealed playing panel. The Flamenco side also maximizes bass response with diagonally placed snare wires for reduced snare buzz, while maintaining plenty of "snap" when playing slap tones. If versatility is what you need, look no further than these two remarkable Cajons in a single box!
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