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Schertler JAM 400 Grey

Schertler JAM 400 Grey
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Schertler JAM 400 Grey 400 Watt Amp
Schertler adds to its Acoustic amplifier line the JAM amps, formerly branded by SR technology.

This highly portable cabinet provides enough facilities for the most demanding of performers and includes advanced features such as switchable subwoofer output, variable anti-feedback control, phantom power and multiple digital effects. A range of XLR, Jack and Phono inputs provides complete versatility and the potential for solo artists, duo's and ensembles to perform with a single lightweight amplifier.

A full 400 watts of Class D switching output (ICEpower® by Bang & Olufsen) is provided and the incredible dynamics and detailed image. With the integrated switchable crossover it is also possible to add an active subwoofer to create a full 3 way active system capable of providing huge reserves of power for any musical situation.

WEIGHT: 21 Kg - 46.29 Lib.

DIMENSION: 37x43x49 cm - 14.56x16.92x19.29 Inch

SPEAKERS: 1” Horn + 2x 8” Woofer

CHANNELS: 3 mono + 2 Stereo + CD IN

EFFECT: Digital reverb (multi-effect)

POWER: 400 Watts