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Cymatic LR-16 Desktop Recorder

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Cymatic LR-16 Desktop Recorder Standalone Audio Recorder


Records 2*,4,8 & 16 Tracks directly to USB 2.0 compatible thumb drives*** or hard disks (16/24-bit 44.1 - 48 & 96* kHz)
24 bit/44.1 - 96 kHz USB Class Compliant Audio Interface.
MMC & Mackie Transport Control when used with DAW as an audio interface**
Mac® OS-X® compatible 10.5 or higher - Core Audio plug and play drivers.
iPad® compatible - plug and play (USB adapter required eg. Apple® Camera Kit).
No powered USB hub required for iPad® connectivity.
Windows® PC compatible (Win XP, Vista, 7&8 32/64) WDM and ASIO® drivers.
16 analog 1/4" TRS insert-style inputs with stereo output and headphone output.
Independent and Global 12dB input padding.
Zero latency hardware input monitoring.
Built in mixer with pan, solo, mute and volume control.
Stereo wave player.
* 96kHz direct to USB hard disk 2 Track mode only with V2 firmware upgrade.

** MMC & Mackie Transport Control requires V2 firmware upgrade.

*** Due to the varying performance standards of USB Thumb drives we do not guarantee error-less performance on that format. We strongly suggest the use of standard USB 2.0 hard drives for optimal success rate. For mission critical recordings we always suggest that you make an extended test recording on any new drive prior to your session.