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Cymatic Audio uTrack24

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Cymatic Audio uTrack24 USB Audio Recorder Player

Cymatic Audio uTrack 24 is a universal hardware recorder/player/interface in 19" format - the go-to solution for people who want to do high-quality recordings without the need of a computer.

The uTrack 24 records directly onto USB media plugged into the front panel, while a three-color LED displays the level of all channels. The LEDs can also be used as a 24-segment level meter for individual channels. A big LCD shows all other important information and allows a fast and intuitive editing of parameters with an endless push encoder.
In order to make recordings hassle-free even in dark or hectic environments, the Cymatic Audio hardware recorder features big illuminated transport controls directly on the front panel.

-Allows connection of 24 channels of balanced input/output through 25-pin D-Sub connectors
-Alternate format 24x24 I/O using optional digital expansion module
-24-bit resolution, 96kHz sample rate
-Records directly to off-the-shelf USB hard drives attached to convenient front-panel USB port
-3-segment hardware input metering per input channel
-Large, easy to use illuminated front panel transport controls
-Internal DSP mixer allows internal monitoring of stereo mix of all 24 inputs through front-panel headphone output. Adjust level, panning, mute, and solo for all 24-inputs while enjoying detailed 24-segment hardware input metering, all with no external mixer required!
-Synchronize two uTrack 24 recorders for a total track count of 48 tracks
-RJ-45 Network connection allowing for future implementation of remote control from external software (not yet available)
-BNC Word Clock Input/Output allows integration into larger digital systems
-Large, detailed LCD screen, dedicated menu buttons, and rotary push control allow for fast and intuitive adjustment of various settings