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Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73

Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73
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Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73 Perfomance Keyboard

Splits and Layers – Piano/Organ, Piano/Sample, Sample/Organ
1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
256 MB memory for Nord Sample Library
OLED Display for excellent overview and readability
6 Split Points with LED indicators
Redesigned Program section with Set List feature
Organize Mode lets you rearrange programs and samples on the fly
E-E key range for 5D 73 and 5 HP
Piano Section
Sympathetic String Resonance
Sample Synth
Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls
Nord C2D B3 Tone Wheel simulation
Physical Drawbars on 5D 61 and 5D 73 models
Principal Pipe Organ model
B3 Tone Wheel Bass
Leslie 122 simulation from Nord C2D
Mount for Half-Moon Switch for Rotary Speaker control (5D 61/73)
All effects now in Stereo
Tube overdrive simulation
Vibe effect
Separate Reverb/Delay effects
Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah-wah can be controlled with Control Pedal
*All specifications subject to change without further notice