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Cornford MK50 II Head Handmade in England

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Cornford MK50 II Head Handmade in England 50 Watt Head

MK50H II - Specification

TYPE:All valve, twin channel head with solid-state rectification. Footswitchable master volumes and gain/overdrive.
POWER VALVES:2 x 6L6. Switchable bias for EL34 output valves.
FRONT PANEL:From left to right:
Input socket; Clean Channel Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass; Channel Toggle Switch; Overdrive Channel Gain, Overdrive, Bass, Middle, Treble and Volume; Master 1; Master 2; Presence; Resonance; Three-way Mains Toggle with LED indicator.
REAR PANEL:From left to right:
Mains Inlet; Mains Fuse; H.T. Fuse; Speaker Impedance Selector 4, 8 or 16 ohms; Speaker Sockets; Effects Loop 2 send and Return; Effects Loop 1 send and Return; Footswitch Socket.
ACCESSORIES:Footswitch and top quality multicore cable wired to Neutrik connectors; mains lead - 10 feet long (at least it'll reach the floor if you're using two cabinets), moulded plugs each end; speaker lead - 2 feet top quality 8mm cable with nickel plated Neutrik jacks.
EFFECTS LOOP:Dual series FX loops which can be individually switched or set to channels.
HARDWARE: All corners, screws, cup washers, handle fixings etc are nickel plated. Grills are bespoke CNC punched and powder coated. 14 gauge (2mm) powder coated chassis with 14 gauge base / screening plate secured to chassis with 4 machine screws. Leather handle.
CONSTRUCTION: Totally handbuilt and point-to-point hand wired in the UK.
TRANSFORMERS:Custom designed in house and hand wound.
SPEAKER(S):Not applicable.
FOOTSWITCH:Five button footswitch - 14 gauge, powder coated metal with LED indicators for Channel, Master 2, Overdrive, Effects Loop 2 and Effects Loop Auto Assign.
CABINET:Birch ply.
DIMENSIONS:660 mm (W) 270 mm (H) 235 mm (D).
WEIGHT:21kg / 45lb.
inkl. Footswitch