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Fishman Neo-Buster Humbucker Soundhole Pickup

Fishman Neo-Buster Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
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Fishman Neo-Buster Humbucker Soundhole Pickup Neodymium Magnet für Schall-Loch 98,4mm oder 101,6mm

The Neo-Buster Humbucking from Fishman combines our popular Neo-D Humbucking pickup with a feedback-
fighting soundhole cover to give you great sounding acoustic tone, even in your loudest performances.

This humbucking magnetic soundhole pickup produces a warm and full sound while also greatly reducing hum
and unwanted interference. It also shares the same neodymium magnet structure as the award-winning Rare
Earth pickup for exceptional string balance and incredible acoustic clarity. It’s low-profile, high impedance design needs no battery.

When you need to play in high-volume situations, the integrated soundhole cover reduces the build-up of energy inside the guitar that often leads to uncontrollable howling. Made of a flexible elastomer that will not react with most finishes, it requires no tools for installation and fits most flat-top guitars with a 3-7/8” or 4” diameter soundhole.

Neodymium humbucking magnet structure for warm humbucking tone and exceptional string balance
Integrated feedback-buster for high-volume playing
Low profile, high impedance design needs no battery
Flexible surround reduces “howling” in high volume situations
Easy installation with no alteration fits most standard acoustic guitars with 3-7/8” or 4” diameter soundhole
Tool-free installation