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EZ Acoustics Speaker Pads

EZ  Acoustics Speaker Pads
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EZ Acoustics Speaker Pads high density foam
We spend thousands of euros in improving various components of our setup just to have a purer sound, but sometimes this is compromised simply by physical factors such as the resonances. Much detail and energy away from our speakers due to physical contact with resonant elements such as tables, shelves, etc... Other problems seems induced by the resonance of objects in physical contact with the elements of our speaker system, adding unwanted tones and other false "colours" to our sound.

Therefore, the EZ Speaker Pads will help in the quest for perfect sound and solve the problems mentioned above.

Product technical data
Material: 60 kg/m3 high density foam

Quantity per box: 4 pads for 2 speakers

Isolate speakers from resonant elements such as tables, shelves, ...