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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 T Desert Burst

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 T Desert Burst
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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2016 T Desert Burst E-Guitar
The Les Paul Traditional 2016 T's foundation is the same traditional tonewood combination that helped make the Les Paul a legend when it was introduced six decades ago. A traditional pickup wind in the neck position provides plenty of warmth and clarity, and in the bridge position, slightly over-wound coils in the '57 Classic PlusTM offer wailing lead tones.

Weight relief
Preserves the classic Les Paul tone, improves playing comfort, and enhances the guitar's resonance
Efficient performance with a vintage look
Neck width
The original Les Paul neck width retains the playing feel that launched a thousand hits
Accurate return-to-pitch with heavy string bending - and great sustain - thanks to the dense, self-lubricating nut
Neck heel
The classic look and feel you know and love
The original Les Paul case style, now with enhanced protection
Stylish traditional inlays reflect this iconic guitar's original look
Seminal tone and feel, with increased sustain
Expert setup makes this handcrafted, American-made guitar ready for immediate action
Powered by Alnico magnets and wound with plain enamel-coated wire, these humbuckers capture hallowed PAF-inspired tone

Weight relief: Traditional weight relief for a lighter overall guitar
Tuners: Traditional manual tuners
Neck width: Traditional neck width of 1 11/16" at the nut
Nut: TekToid nut
Neck heel: Traditional Les Paul neck heel
Case: Traditional brown Les Paul hard shell case
Inlays: Historic trapezoid fingerboard inlays
Fingerboard: Thicker one-piece rosewood fingerboard
Setup: Comprehensive hand-finished setup
Pickups: 57 Classic humbucking pickups

Desert Burst
Color Code: DB
Surface Texture: Smooth/ Hi Gloss 90 Sheen Lacquer
Filler: Walnut
Sealer: 1-1.5 mils
Top: Desert Burst
Top Coat: Hi Gloss Lacquer
Scraped: Fingerboard Sides and Nut
inkl. Case