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Miktek PM9

Miktek PM9
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Miktek PM9 Super Cardioid Handhold Dynamic Microphone
Miktek PM9 Handheld Dynamic Stage Microphone

Dynamic Vocal Microphone
• Neodymium Magnet
• Super Cardioid Pickup Pattern
• Custom Miktek Transformer by AMI
•Package with Protective Case and Mic Clip

The Miktek PM9 is a super cardioid, dynamic microphone featuring a custom designed, neodymium capsule element offering extremely clear and articulate vocal reproduction. The PM9’s frequency response is full and sweet. Plus, the capsule’s unique labyrinth design provides ultimate rear rejection and maximum gain before feedback, so you can hear more of yourself on stage. With high SPL capabilities the PM9 can easily accommodate the loudest singers and can even be used to mic up loud guitar amps, brass and drums. The PM9’s multistage windscreen helps ensure a minimum amount of p-popping and the steel grill and die cast body ensure durability and reliability night after night. The ultra sleek, black finish with stainless steel appointments make the PM9 an attractive complement to any stage setting.