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Lock-It 2,5" Black Luxury Leather Lock-It Strap

Lock-It 2,5" Black Luxury Leather Lock-It Strap
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Lock-It 2,5" Black Luxury Leather Lock-It Strap Gitarrengurt mit Security Lock
Leather Series

Nothing beats real leather.

We've listened and added ¼” more to the width of our leather straps. That means extra comfort for all players, whether you play electric, acoustic or bass.

Our straps are made from the highest quality premium leathers right here in the U.S.A. They are double layered with the softest leather where you need it the most - on the shoulder area.

Reversibility: YES! These straps are completely reversible, meaning you can use them on guitars that have the front strap-button on the backside. This is accomplished simply by reversing the tail end.

You'll also find our new leather straps are extremely robust in every way, including our patented locking system on both ends.

Additionally, even though our straps are a bit wider than the standard and a bit less than the wide ones, they do not have a typical 3” wide look.

Specifics: They come in two colors, black and brown, and adjust from 43" (109.2 cm) to 55" (139.7 cm).