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Two Notes Le Preamp Series Le Bass

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Two Notes Le Preamp Series Le Bass Dual Channel Tube Preamp
Der "Ultra-Clean" Kanal A des Le Bass ist perfekt für die heutige, moderne Technik mit Lichtgeschwindigkeitswandlung und bietet zudem ein sehr umfangreiches Tonspektrum. Der Kanal B drängt direkt in die Richtung des Rock-Bass Sounds und trumpft mit enormem Druck für einen eher dreckigeren Sound auf. Le Bass bietet dir somit das Beste aus beiden Welten, um im Rampenlicht zu stehen.

High-quality electronic design
Two notes is first and foremost a team of music lovers who are all great admirers of musicians. We are highly qualified engineers, technicians, and musicians, whose purpose is to facilitate the life of guitar and bass players without infringing on their playing habits. Our mission consists in providing them with studio-grade products that are specifically designed for the guitar and bass.

Integrated speaker simulation
This analog speaker simulation is specifically voiced for your Le Preamp Model, and based on our Torpedo simulator. This speaker simulation affects the DI output and the Headphones output.

5 basic functions can be accessed through MIDI Program Changes (PC) sent by an external MIDI device:
Channel A
Channel B
Cold Fusion
Hot Fusion
In other words, your Le Preamp can receive a MIDI PC asking for bypass or channel switch. Any MIDI message received will be transmitted to the MIDI output (MIDI Thru function).
When using Le Preamp as a MIDI controller, you will be able to send a MIDI PC to trigger preset changes on another MIDI device, such as a Torpedo C.A.B. or an FX unit.

Dimensions & weight
Width x depth x height:
124 x 189 x 50 (mm)
Weight :

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