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T-REX Replicator Studio Module

T-REX Replicator Studio Module
T-REX Replicator Studio Module
T-REX Replicator Studio Module
T-REX Replicator Studio Module
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Replicator Studio Module


* All analog echos and signal path
* Delay time controlled by a digitally controlled motor
* Three echo modes, modulation of the echo and tap tempo
CV inputs for controlling time/feedback - get super spacious, yet ultra cool sounds
* Kill-dry switch for parallel processing (mixer)
* Housed in a compact Eurorack module (44HP)


Re-Designed. Re-Engineered. Re-Housed. The Replicator Studio module uses much
of the same technology of the "stompbox" version, but certain parameters and features
are optimized for Eurorack/studio use.

CV inputs accept 0-5V control signals, so you can now plug in your favorite oscillator
module and control delay time and/or feedback electronically.

Pair it up with a funky, modern wave generator for a perfect marriage between 70´s
ambience and contemporary sound manipulation. The added filter switch dampens
high frequency content in the delay signal for less noise and a darker echo.

The internal power rails has been modified to run from the +/-12V Eurorack standard,
so you get all the same sounds and features from the pedal version, but in a more
studio/keyboard/synth-friendly format.

Get creative with CV control of true tape echos, process instrument signals/tracks in
the studio or use as a table top echo unit for live sound.