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Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2017 Wine Red

Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2017 Wine Red
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Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2017 Wine Red E-Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2017 T

Top Features
Grover kidney tuners: Durable and superbly efficient
Tektoid nut: Dense and self-lubricating for great sustain and accurate return to pitch
Thicker one piece rosewood fingerboard: High quality and outstanding sonic depth
Slim taper neck: Fast, modern and comfortable to play
A grade plain maple top: Hand-selected, solid maple top for authentic Gibson tones
Mahogany body with Ultra-Modern weight relief: New weight relief method for an even lighter guitar and enhanced resonance
490R/498T humbuckers: Authentic Gibson tones straight from the golden era
Classic Gibson controls with two push/pull: The added versatility of independent coil tapping
Chrome plated aluminum TOM and aluminum Stop Bar: Durable and premium chrome finish over the best and most modern bridge and tailpiece ever used
Classic Gibson hardshell case: Stylish and protective
inkl. Case