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Clavia Nord Stage 3 Compact

Clavia Nord Stage 3 Compact
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Nächste Lieferung am: 15.11.2017

Clavia Nord Stage 3 Compact Stage Piano
Der Clavia Nord Stage 3 ist die fünfte Generation der erfolgreichen Serie von Stage und performing Instrumenten für Live Musiker

Die neue Nord Lead A1 Synthesizer Engine mit Sample Playback, das C2D Orgel Modell und eine grosszügig erweiterte Piano Section
bringen das beste Performance Keyboard auf einen neuen Level.


-OLED-displays for Program and Synth section
-Seamless transitions when changing programs
-Extended Split functionality with optional Crossfade
-Song List Mode
-Extended Morph Destinations

Piano section
-Doubled memory (2GB) for the Nord Piano Library
-Greatly expanded polyphony (120 voices)
-Creative Filter presets
-Layer category

Synth section
-Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with Sample playback
-Dedicated OLED display for Oscillator functions
-Expanded Memory (480 MB) for the Nord Sample Library

Extended Polyphony
-Super Wave category (S-wave)

Organ section
-Nord C2D Organ Engine
-2 new Pipe Organ models
-Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker - available per Slot
-Physical Drawbars for Nord Stage 3 Compact

-Improved Delay with added Feedback filters and Analog Mode
-Filter Mode with Resonance
-Separate Compressor per Slot with Amount and Fast mode
-Separate Reverb per Slot with Bright mode