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RODE SC15 - Lightning USB-C Kabel, 300mm

RODE SC15 - Lightning USB-C Kabel, 300mm
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Nächste Lieferung am: 28.02.2021

SC15 - Lightning USB-C Kabel, 300mm für VideoMic NTG
  • High-quality shielded USB-C to Lightning patch cable
  • Junction box for cable management
  • 300mm (11.8 in) long

The SC15 is a high-quality, 300mm-long Lightning Accessory Cable (USB-C to Lightning) designed to connect MFi-certified USB-C microphones to iOS devices. It is particularly suitable for connecting the VideoMic NTG to Apple mobile devices with a Lightning port and features a junction box for cable management. This cable will not charge or sync your iOS device.