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Line 6 Liqua Flange

Line 6 Liqua Flange
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Line 6 Liqua Flange Flanger Effekt Pedal
Burn down the house with the new ToneCore® Liqua-Flange™. Liqua-Flange has selectable Digital, Liquid, and Analog models all with pass through zero settings that will make your guitar sound like it's coming down from the sky. This pedal sized miracle delivers classic studio flange sounds and some that haven't ever been heard. don't wait, start your journey to flanged enlightenment now!

Model Switch - This switch is used to select three distinctly different types:
Digital - The wet signal has a flat frequency response.

Liquid - Has dual delay lines with the modulation offset from each other.

Analog - The wet signal has the frequency response of classic analog devices.
Polarity Switch - Allows you to select Negative or Positive phase for the delay line. When summed together with the original signal, changing the phase can result in some very dramatic effects.

Wave Select Knob - Select from 11 amazing waveforms that get you everywhere from classic stompbox to modern studio and beyond.
Saw Down - This wave has a shape that resembles the teeth on the blade of a saw. Within one cycle this wave falls linearly, then immediately rises to it's starting point.

Saw Up - This is an inverted version of Saw Down where the wave has a smooth linear rise and an immediate drop at the end of its cycle.

Envelope Down - This modulation source uses an envelope follower to track the amplitude variations of the input signal and produce a control signal that modulates the flanger?s delay time.

Envelope Up - An inverted version of Envelope Down.

Sine - Uses a sinusoidal waveform as the modulation source.

Step - Uses a modulation waveform produced by a random value generator where each cycle of the LFO produces a different modulation level.

Random - Same as Step but with a smoothing filter applied to the output of the LFO, producing smooth value changes with each LFO cycle.

Vintage - Based on* the unique waveform of the classic MXR® flanger.