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Rode NT 5 Matched Pair

Rode NT 5 Matched Pair
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Rode NT 5 Matched Pair 1Pair Microphone
Bestehend aus zwei exakt aufeinander abgestimmte Mikrofone! Incl. 2x Windschutz und 2 Clips im Kunstoffcase! Demnächst lieferbar und weitere Infos! Made in Australia!


- Acoustic Principle: Externally polarised single diaphragm condenser transducer

- Capsule Size: 0.5” (13mm)

- Active Electronics: JFET Impedance converter with bipolar output buffer

- Directional Response: Cardioid

- Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz

- Sensitivity: -38 dB re 1v/Pa ± 2 dB equivalent to 12mV/Pa where 1 Pa = 94dBSPL

- Equivalent Noise: <16 dBSPL, (A-weighted per IEC268-15)

- Maximum Output: +13.9 dBu @ 1% THD into 1k

- Dynamic Range: >128 dB

- Maximum SPL: 143 dB @ 1% THD into 1k

- Signal to Noise: 78dB

- Power Requirements: 4 mA, P48 Supply (38V–52V) 2 mA, P24 Supply (20V-26V) The microphone operates in accordance with the above specifications to a minimum of 18V. It will operate with some performance degradation below 18V.)

- Packed Weight: 1.8kg (Mic only 100g)