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Blackstar HT Club 40 Venue Series

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Blackstar HT Club 40 Venue Series Röhren Combo 40 Watt 1x12"
Equipped with 2 channels and 4 modes the HT Club 40 is the ideal gigging valve amp for club sized venues. The 40W EL34 driven power amplifier has amazing punch and dynamics that will easily cut through in a full band situation. Switching to the amazing ISF equipped overdrive channel accesses a further two modes – ‘classic crunch’ and ‘super saturated lead’. • 40 Watt valve combo
• 2xECC83, 2xEL34
• Two footswitchable channels
• 12” Celestion speaker
• Enhanced tone controls
• Patent-Applied for Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
• Clean voice switch
• Overdrive voice switch
• Master volume
• Digital reverb with dark/bright switch
• Speaker emulated output
• Effects loop
• 2-way footswitch included
• Cool vintage styling