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DR DDT Big Heavy Electric Guitar Strings 10-60

DR DDT Big Heavy Electric Guitar Strings 10-60
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DR DDT Big Heavy Electric Guitar Strings 10-60 Handmade E-Guitar Strings 10-13-17-36-52-60
DDT™ guitar strings, by DR, are SuperStrings™ because of all their attributes.

The difference in the performance qualities of DDTs are due to a new method of construction for which DR has filed a patent application.

What to expect from DDTs:
First, we believe players will really enjoy the benefit and the experience playing a string that tunes so much faster, and locksinto tune so accurately one player called it “eerie.”

Detuned, or at standard pitch, DDTs are amazingly stable.

Whether you drop tune or not, DDT strings will provide you with a new playing experience. Detune, change tunings, go up, go down, …your music will have a greater clarity, your notes will be more accurate, your intonation will be spot on.

DDTs are stable and accurate…at, or below standard pitch.

Is there anything else DDTs will do for you? Yes, DDTs will clearly provide more sustain, and distinctly increase attack.

Although not coated DDTs will last like coated strings.

Big Heavy DDT-10-60 10 13 17 36 52 60