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Paiste Signature Dark Energy Hats 14" MKI

Paiste Signature Dark Energy Hats 14" MKI
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Paiste Signature Dark Energy Hats 14" MKI Cymbal
Size: 14"
Weight: medium thin top / extra heavy bottom
Volume: soft to loud
Stick Sound: pronounced, crisp
Intensity: lively
Sustain: medium long
Chick Sound: full, meaty, crisp

Sound Character: Full, rich, energetic with a definite dark side. Crunchy, with a meaty bite. very wide range, very complex mix. Extremely balanced, very responsive feel. full dark, rich, shimmering,biting open/closed sound. beautiful, fat, meaty, crisp, cutting chick sound. Fast, responsive, articulate with excellent feel and playability. An immensely versatile hi-hat that combines finesse and articulation with raw energy and cutting power.